OUTSOURCED HR Service Offerings

Why Outsource HR?

Growing organizations have unique HR challenges, but that doesn’t mean that you should tackle them on your own. 

SovranHR’s powerful tools and services will put your company on the path to sustainable, long-term growth.

System Implementation

From learning management systems to developing training plans, SovranHR will help you create systems to automate repetitive HR functions and increase efficiency and help create HR policies and procedures based on your organization’s needs and size.

HR Operations Management

Our team can work with you to develop a clear set of standards and expectations for your teams,  provide you with employee relations and guidance for building a stronger team, and help improve your team’s processes and process automation.

HR & People Analytics

As a leader, how can you ensure your team is developed to its full potential? SovranHR can help your organization establish performance benchmarks,  coaching reports for managers, and assist leaders with performance management, career paths, upskilling, and succession planning.

Outsourced HR Services

To support your growing HCM needs you need a plan and a group of experienced professionals that can provide day-to-day HR operational and strategic support.

Whether you need surge support to handle the busy season or an increase in HR support, need interim support to cover for team members on leave, or need to build the HR department from the ground up, SovranHR has the tools and experience to meet your multi-faceted HCM needs.

Talent Acquisition

For small and medium-sized companies, hiring is a necessity, and a good indicator of growth. But many managers still dread it.

It’s no mystery why. Hiring is often a major source of stress. It’s time-consuming, expensive, and above all, it’s fraught with risk.

A bad hire slows growth, and it also damages morale (meaning you may have to do more hiring as people leave).

The root of most bad hiring is the lack of a coherent, data-driven hiring strategy but with the tools provided by SovranHR, you won’t make a bad hire again! 

Pre-Hiring Assessments

To hire the right person for the job, you need to know who you’re hiring and resumes, references, and interviews will only tell you part of the story. A good pre-hiring tool, in the hands of someone who knows how to use it, will tell you the rest.

SovranHR is an authorized provider of PXT Select, an industry-leading pre-hiring assessment with a 30-year track record of success. PXT Select helps you understand a candidate’s personality and character traits. It gives you a clear picture of their strengths and weaknesses and lets you match people to the roles they’re best suited for.

Pre-Screening and Background Checks

You can teach skills — but not character. For this reason, you need to know about a candidate’s work-related values before you hire them.

SovranHR uses the Step One Survey to provide insight into a person’s work ethic, reliability, and integrity. This screening tool will also uncover red flags: a history of employment problems, or a propensity for risky behaviors like substance abuse and theft. In addition, we can perform full background checks on candidates when necessary.

Pre-screening is the key to hiring trustworthy, dependable people. It also reduces costly hiring mistakes, employee theft and fraud, and turnover.

Onboarding Experience

Successful onboarding is often the difference between an effective, motivated employee — and one who struggles or quits after a few months.

SovranHR will show you how to build an onboarding program that will give your new hire a seamless start, and set up an orientation and training program that turns them into a productive member of the team as soon as possible.

We can also help you develop an employee handbook that is informative and engaging: one that gives your new employee all the background knowledge they need in a concise, easy-to-digest format.

In addition, we can work with you to create 30-60-90-day plans for all new hires. This will help keep them on track, and help you diagnose and address performance issues early on before they can take root.

Employee Experience

What’s the best way for an employee to handle a particular task?

In most situations, there’s actually a clear “right answer” to that question. But if your employees don’t know that answer, they’ll end up working at cross-purposes — or worse yet, they’ll do the wrong thing.

This is why good documentation is so critical. It helps clear up confusion, and eliminates waste and duplicated work.

SovranHR can work with you to document your most important procedures, or even to develop full procedure manuals if that’s what you need. With our company’s strong IT background, we can also show you how to leverage your existing IT infrastructure to automate some parts of the documentation process.


Everyone says that they want a team of high performers. But what does that actually mean? And how can you tell if your employees are headed in the right direction?

SovranHR can work with you to develop a clear set of standards and expectations for your teams, and to implement a comprehensive, data-driven system that allows you to measure performance accurately.

If you have struggling employees, we can set up realistic and highly effective improvement programs to help them turn things around. We can also partner with your HR team to create training and cross-training programs for your employees, making continuous improvement a part of your company culture.

Motivation and Retention

As a leader, how can you ensure your team is developed to its full potential? SovranHR can help your organization establish performance benchmarks,  coaching reports for managers, and assist leaders with performance management, career paths, upskilling, and succession planning.

Talent Mgmt & Human Capital Mgmt

If you’re growing fast, you need a highly motivated team that’s firing on all cylinders.

An underperforming team is a drag on growth. A lack of morale can lead to costly turnover. And productivity issues don’t go away when you get bigger — they just scale.

SovranHR has proven solutions that improve employee performance, reduce turnover, and make leadership teams more effective. 

Strategic HCM

A growing business is constantly taking on new challenges — and some of those come from the growth itself! These are often things you’ve never had to worry about before and you don’t have to worry about it alone.

In order to lead smarter, choose an experienced partner who can help you manage rapid growth effectively and help your organization keep growing stronger.

Succession Planning

Promoting from within is the best way to build a strong and loyal leadership team. But you need to promote intelligently and systematically.

SovranHR offers succession planning tools that allow you to promote more effectively. We can help you make sure that someone who wants to move up the ladder is truly prepared, and has the skills they’ll need to do the job.

We can also use the results of our PXT assessments to ensure that an individual is a good fit for a specific leadership position. These assessments also provide insight into the best way to help a freshly promoted leader adapt to their new responsibilities, as well as potential areas of conflict with their direct reports.

By matching people to leadership roles properly, and by treating them in a way that’s appropriate to who they are as a person, you can create a work environment where your leaders and front-line employees alike are happier, more satisfied, and more productive.

Change Management

Growth is good, but growth means change. For many of your employees, that change may be disruptive or even a little bit scary. SovranHR’s change management solutions make the process far easier on everyone involved.

We offer temporary help for an overstretched team by setting you up with interim support, on-site or remote, to get you through your growing pains.

If you’re dealing with larger changes, we’ll help you prepare for them internally. Our proven change management strategies will help you win buy-in from your leaders, and communicate changes clearly to your teams.

When it’s time to make those hard decisions — rightsizing a team, cutting a program or department — SovranHR can show you how to do this fairly, compassionately, and with a minimum amount of disruption. We’ll help you analyze the data so that you can see all of your options (maybe even a few you didn’t know you had). Over the years, we’ve found that many companies are able to accomplish what they need through intelligent planning and simple attrition.

Workforce Development & Transformation

A high-performing HR team is a powerful asset to a growing business.

SovranHR will help your HR staff optimize their performance by sharing our proven tools and strategies. In addition, we offer HR mini-audits and full HR audits that can help your HR team identify areas for improvement and focused training.

SovranHR isn’t meant to be a replacement for your HR department. The way we see it, our job is simply to help your HR team do their jobs better than ever before!



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