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Training and Development 

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Mastering Soft Skills

Technical expertise is essential, but a team that masters soft skills is key to your business success. 

Evaluating your employees' soft skills is crucial to your business's success. Two soft skills that make an impact, especially among managers, are critical thinking and problem-solving. They embolden your leaders to make strategic decisions, generate sustainable solutions, evaluate risks, and increase innovation.

Job Shadowing/Mentoring

Pair up a less experienced and/or new employee with a more experienced team member who can help guide them and develop the skills they need. 

Remote Training

Microlearning (2-5 minute) segments, e-learning courses or webinars, and video training allow employees to control their experience and learn at their own pace and on their own time.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is the process of identifying critical roles and skills needed within your organization and developing action plans for individuals in your team to assume those roles.

A successful succession plan ensures the retention of top performers, tremendously boosts employee morale, and yields sustainable growth.

Continued Learning and Development

Lack of career development is listed as one of the top reasons for high employee turnover.

Mineral’s 2023 State of HR Report reveals that more than half of respondents (52%) rate reskilling employees as important, yet 55% have no formal employee training programs.

The message is clear, business leaders are the key to creating a work environment conducive to continued learning and development.

One-on-One Learning

Structured, reoccurring meetings, in-person or virtually, between an employee and their supervisor can help employees focus on opportunities for skills development and building self-identified strengths.

Group Learning

Group-based learning activities such as lunch-and-learn sessions, create a more relaxed environment and lead to brainstorming and comfortable, open communication between team members. 

Leadership Training

Set clear learning objectives, goals, and milestones. Focus on preparing employees to move from managing themselves to managing others, operating strategically, bringing teams together, and leading other leaders.

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